A group in the service of the community

Now known by all simply as Valpi, our company has been guided by a strong and sustained growth, currently about 400 employees in the undertakings of the group.
In Valpi there is the intention to continuously we fit with an organizational structure able to tackle the most demanding challenges, particularly in the senior and intermediate capable of implementing a whole series of measures deemed effective in the area of collective passenger transport

We transport about 12 million passengers annually from, particularly in urban and interurban regular transportation of passengers in the areas of the municipalities of Porto, Penafiel, Valongo, Lousada, Paredes, Amarante and Matosinhos and the links between these International services through associated company InterNorte, regular services and occasional services of a renting.

The Valpi Rent ensures the delivery and collection of vehicles on a network of stations distributed over 40 municipalities and 10 districts and which the synergies with the various group companies Valpi and external partners.
We have flexible solutions adapatadas to all needs. Personal use, a trip with family, business need. We have what you need with solutions designed for your specific case. Conatcte us and feel the difference.

Valpitravel is the new brand that subtitled Valpi Agency. A travel agency of the Valpi Group (road passenger transport, since 1926) which was launched in 1983 with the aim of boosting the use of buses through tourism. As a result of the dedication and dynamism demonstrated, it has become an agency with a global offer of services, from aviation to hotel accommodation, car rental and bus travel, as well as tour packages and travel arrangements. Since the beginning, IATA (International Air Transport Association) has been a member of GEA (the largest Iberian group of independent agencies with about 1,200 branches) since 2003, being physically present in Penafiel, Amarante and Famalicão.

The Britafiel aims to be a reference for innovation and quality in the sector. Be recognized as one of the main alternatives to the supply of aggregates and ornamental stones of granite, scoring presence in the main national and international works.
The company has highly qualified technicians in the pursuit of a high performance betting heavily on your continuing education.

The Bioport believes that the legacy we leave to future generations is your greatest liability. That's why we do everything in our power to defend our planet betting industrial solutions that better respect the environment with guarantee of sustainability. The future belongs to all of us. The responsibility is ours.

Company headquarters
Av. Joaquim Ribeiro da Mota 256, 4585-166 Paredes, Portugal
Telf: +351 22 415 7960
Valpibus Penafiel
Edifício Valpi Av. Pedro Guedes. 4560-166 Penafiel
Telf: +351 25 5718 000
Av. Joaquim Ribeiro da Mota 256, 4585-166 Gandra Paredes
Telf: +351 224 157 967
Tapada de Vilar (E.M.589) 4560-071 Duas Igrejas - Penafiel, Portugal
Telf: +351 255 718 003
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